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5 Easy to Implement Online EDH Gaming Strategies

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Every game has to employ strategies to achieve its goal. This is a good thing especially if you are an avid EDH player. Herein are some strategies to consider. See more tips at our website: http://www.edh-commanders.com

Exploit Gatherer and Familiar Records

Take advantage of Gatherer or familiar databases that have useful info. This additional info might be the difference between you having an awesome deck or losing the game. You can get some info that can help you.


This in essence refers to you taking advantage of what you have at your disposal. You may opt to wait longer to use your most essential cards. You can also play a long-haul game. You can do this by drawing your opponents for a long game so that they use up their cards and keeping yours for the most opportune strike.

Use Older Cards

This is more of a strategy than a new one. It leans on giving a long-dormant card a chance to renew itself. For instance, you can revive legendary Ragnar and use it as a leader. This strategy requires you to dig into some old cards that have not seen recent play.

Employ Game Ending Moves

There are cards that you can employ to have your opponents deploying their largest arsenals in a rush. For instance, using Heartless Hidetsugu, will make your opponents incur a lot of damage in trying to get it cast as fast as possible. This opens them to attack and you may emerge as the victor sooner than you think.

Budget Your Game

Cost is vital when it comes to EDH. Try your best to incur the lowest costs during the game as they may count at the end. At the end of the day, this is just a game. Whether you are playing with familiar friends or strangers, you are getting to know each other as you play.