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Understanding the Online FAB Flesh and Blood Deck Tier List Terms

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When choosing a particular Flesh and Blood deck, it is important for players to understand the deck tiers. This can help you to have a satisfying gaming experience. When you are playing to have fun, it is important to use the appropriate deck so that you can have an honest game. The following are the different Flesh and Blood Deck tiers.

Jank Tier

The word “jank” is usually used in Magic to mean “bad”. However, it is important to realize that the term can be quite subjective. In this tier, the theme is key, and decks use cards only from a certain block or Magic set. Winning or losing is not as important as playing a deck that is an expression of love for the game.

Casual Tier

The decks in this tier usually have a theme or core game plan that is driven by game-related strategies. The flavor or artwork is secondary, and they may lack versatility when it comes to strategy. Winning is more about applying the card’s power rather than having a specific goal in mind. Casual decks are often defined by the Deck Flesh and Blood.

Focused Tier

Unlike with the casual tier, the focused decks are more efficient when it comes to applying the core game plan. Greater emphasis is placed on winning the game and many card choices are made with this objective in mind.

Optimized Tier

These tiers are similar in approach and style to the focused decks. However, they are designed with enhanced efficiency and consistency. For the deck to operate during the game’s early stages with more efficiently, the spells often cost less mana.

Competitive Tier

This deck tends to be more competitive than social. Maximum consistency and efficiency are paramount. Here, winning is everything and the goal is to kill from the very onset of the game. In most cases, the ability to kill consistently constitutes killing in two or three turns.