26. October 2019 0 Comments Technology

Quick Solutions to Declutter Your Work Area: Desk Cable

With all the electronic equipment in our work arena, it is no surprise that we need to deal with the associated cables. This can get out of hand most times, resulting in a cluttered mess that has the potential to cause being less productive when one looks at it. All these cables transmitting power and enhancing communication are quite necessary. But since we do not live in a completely wireless world, this is an essential nest.

So, the question arises, what is the solution to a messy cable environment? Well, there is some simple, quick solution that will help you get a grip on this situation which are:

Twist Ties

If you purchase a new smartphone today, there is this unique way your USB cable or earpiece is being wrapped. It is wrapped neatly with a twist tie made up of either copper or rubber. Do you remember this? Next time don’t throw these ties away, because it can serve as a tool you can use to organize cables naturally. This is a simple DIY method anyone can handle. Use this technique to wrap up your wire at a strategic point where you don’t touch often.

Binder Clips

This can be used to keep the cable from falling off, and if you have an object, you can attach the binder clip to –it’s fine to use! You will need to pass the cable or wire through the equipment part so it can easily hold them up.

Velcro Strips

This solution can be an alternative you can use in place of twist ties to manage cables. This is suitable for cables that you do not use often. This technique is what the majority of people are familiar with. The Velcro Strip is used to group cable collectively.

We’ve got some other exciting ideas to share, this is by no means an exhaustive list, so find solutions.